My Bold 5 Personal Goals for 2022

Reflection - 2022

Happy New Year!

2021 was a big year for me! If you missed my 2021 review, check out Looking Back on 2021: My Year in Review. 2022 will have to work hard to top 2021. However, if you’re like me, you have a million goals for 2022 set for yourself so there will always be ‘more’ to focus on or achieve.

I want to travel to Africa, see the blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos, serve on a Board of Directors, and run a half marathon in under two hours, just to name a few. I’m constantly adding to my lifelong goal list and think about them on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. While the new year is the perfect time to reflect on where we are currently at, it’s not the only time as we are constantly evolving and growing, and so are our goals! 

As we enter 2022, I am sharing some of my broader, bold goals for the year. Within those broader goals are specific items I am working on, but I find that if I’m always too specific, I can get bogged down by the fine details rather than focusing on the larger picture. 

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1. Complete a Half Marathon:

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First up in 2022 is completing a half marathon in Phoenix, Arizona! I wasn’t able to complete a half marathon in 2021, and that’s okay. I’m disappointed, but I get it. My body just wasn’t ready. 

Mr. Bunion (or lack of?) was not having it – lots of stiffness left over from my bunionectomy in January 2020 and discomfort when running. Not to mention the horrible muscle soreness, apparently from my foot changing my gait (according to my awesome physical therapist). I’m determined to get it done in 2022 though. 

Goals for 2022 - Run Half Marathon: A young woman is posing with a half marathon medal and a running bib. A painting of a dog is hanging behind her.

This training period I’ve been doing less running mileage with more riding and HIIT classes to build up my endurance without so much impact on my body. Here’s hoping on half marathon day my body cooperates and helps me get the job done. We’re not going to worry about the time for this one. I’m sure being in one of my favorite cities will certainly help with motivation too! 

2. Grow Blog & Increase Blog Traffic:

I recently found a goal note in my phone from 2015 that listed ‘Start Blog’. It had always been in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until September of 2020 that I started the initial work on my blog. It took another year before I dedicated the time and resources needed to really start going. Now I’m hooked. 

When I first started, I was completely lost with how to actually create a blog with pages and posts so I hired someone off of Fiverr to help. A year later when I started really focusing on Office to Outdoors, I realized my blog was not quite how I envisioned it.  I realized with some time, patience and research, I could start from scratch and build my vision. It’s nowhere near complete nor is it perfect, but it’s a work in progress and I’m very proud of how far it has come. 

Young woman wearing an orange and grey sweater, jeans, and black booties. Holding a red drink in her hand. Around her, Holiday Lights are hanging down from the ceiling.

In the past three months I have become very dedicated to learning all things blog and social media related and I want to continue that in 2022. 

Specifically, I want to grow my blog audience and start bringing in earnings through affiliate marketing. I really enjoy connecting with all of you through these posts and social media, and I want to grow that even more throughout the next twelve months. 

3. Commit to Daily Movement: 

Since starting to work from home, I’ve struggled with being too sedentary and honed into my computer work. I’ll get so busy working on a task for a client that I forget about standing up or moving around. 

A daily goal is simply to move around more and better utilize my stand-up desk. The benefits are so great and the goal is so easy, as long as I keep it at the front of my mind and remember to do it. If you have any tips for moving around more, send them my way!  

4. Invest in Myself: 

The world is a big place and we can lose track of ourselves so easily. In 2022 I want to focus back on myself and dedicate time each day to investing in me, whether that be career, fitness, or emotional goals. 

View of San Diego from sunset cliffs in Point Loma. Waves are crashing and palm trees, homes and mountains can be seen in the distance.

How I invest in myself might look different each day, but some examples include reading a good book, taking the time to learn a new social media concept, creating a new recipe or downtime at the beach. 

5. Slow Down:

If there’s one thing I need to focus on every single day, it’s slowing down. I’m constantly going, even in my sleep, and it’s exhausting. Part of it’s just me and part of it (okay probably a majority of it) is anxiety. However, more and more I’m learning that I cannot do it all. 

View of Pacific Beach (PB) from the Pacific Beach Pier. Cloudy sky and surfers on the water. Lots of buildings in the distance.

I can’t have the perfectly clean, organized home I dream of while working 12-14 hour days and wanting to travel or explore around town on the weekends. It’s simply not possible. So while definitely easier said than done, a huge focus of 2022 is to slow down and live in, and enjoy, the present. Even if that is sitting in a chair daydreaming 🙂 

Final Thoughts:

There are so many goals for 2022 I could share and talk more about, but having five goals to start the year is more than enough. None of these goals are easy or one-and-done, but I can work towards each goal every day. Hopefully the first one will get completed here in a couple of weeks when we head to Arizona! 

Happy New Year! 



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