About Me

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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Lily, founder of Office to Outdoors. 

While I work full-time as a retirement consultant for a local financial company (a job I love), travel and the outdoors are my passions. I’ve been traveling at least once a month since 2019 and I love sharing the best travel resources with you from first-hand experiences. 

Primarily a weekend adventure warrior, I love travels that include a mix of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking or biking and exploring local communities. I have a weak-spot for good food and drink. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place! 

The Story Behind Office to Outdoors

I grew up adventuring in my own backyard in Wisconsin: finding “new” trails at the nearby parks, building snow villages with my best friend, and riding my bike more miles than one could track. I knew one day I’d love to travel the world, but aside from a couple of family trips (Gatlinburg, Disney World, Tampa), most of my adventures were local, and I loved it.

When I met my husband, Sam, we took adventures to a whole new level. We started with short, very-budget-friendly trips as young twenty-something-year-olds with very limited budgets. And honestly, we had the time of our lives. We found so many ways to incorporate travel into our busy work schedules, strategizing weekends, holidays, and long summer nights. Travel looks a bit different today, but the underlying principle is still the same: outdoors is key. 

Office to Outdoors is a resource for those looking to fit travel into their busy lifestyle. You’ll find dedicated guides to spots in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and Beyond, always with an outdoor emphasis. I feature both the charming tight-knit communities and the large, active cities, making sure to showcase the hidden gems of every place. 

Husband and Wife at Willow River State Park in Hudson WI - River in background.

Fun Facts to Get to Know Me

  • I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with majors in Communications and Environmental Studies. I am now back attending the Wisconsin School of Business for my MBA (completion date July 2024).


  • I work full-time as a Retirement Consultant, helping businesses design and administer their retirement plans to employees – think IRS regulations, contributions, correction programs.



  • I LOVE spotting wildlife when traveling. Swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii has been one of my favorite travel experiences. I’m so looking forward to the day I travel to Africa and go on a safari, or several.


  • I’m obsessed with hotels. I travel on a budget, often staying at mid-range hotels, so if this is you, make sure to check out my hotel reviews.   


  • Working out is a big part of my life. Occasionally I’ll find it in me to train for and complete a half marathon, but more often you’ll find me taking Peloton spin classes on my non-Peloton bike and enjoying long hikes. 


  • I’m one of the pickiest eaters you’ll ever meet. People tell me I’m worse than their kids. Really, it’s bad. While I love a good restaurant, don’t expect a review from a 5-star spot. My diet consists of pasta, cheddar cheese, basic quinoa bowls, and more pasta.


  • I drink so much La Croix that I really should be sponsored at this point. I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent on my favorite Razz-Cranberry or Tangerine cans. If you come to my house and feel obliged to bring a gift, no need for a bottle of wine, La Croix will do just fine.


  • If there’s anything else you’re dying to know about me, just ask. I’m an open book and truly love connecting with you.

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