4 Top Farms for Fall Fun Around Madison, WI

Treinen Farm, Wisconsin - From Hill

It’s that highly anticipated time of year in Wisconsin when the temperature begins dropping and the leaves start showing their magnificent colors. I always have mixed feelings as we get into September. I love summer and never, ever want it to end, but eventually I give in and remember all of the fun and beautiful foliage that comes with fall.

Everyone gets into the fall spirit differently, whether you welcome fall by decorating, waiting in the Starbucks line for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, or pulling out all of your favorite sweaters and vests the moment it drops below 50. Personally, I love getting out my coziest sweaters (okay, or splurging on a few new ones) and getting outdoors for all of the fall fun in the area.

2020 Pumpkin Wisconsin

Thankfully, Wisconsin does not disappointment when it comes to fall fun and there are even several amazing local farms just outside of Madison that go all-out for fall and offer fall fun for all ages. Even adults. And yes, I do visit multiple farms each year to enjoy all of the fall festivities and to truly get in the fall spirit.

Below I share a few of my favorite local farms and some memories I’ve made throughout the year. Please note that this list is nowhere near exhaustive as Wisconsin is full of beautiful farms offering wonderful fall activities.

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1. Apple Picking at Eplegaarden (Fitchburg, WI)

When I get the itch for some fall farm fun early on in the season, Eplegaarden is the first place I head to. Grab a couple of cider donuts from the concession stand in the farmhouse before you head to the apple orchard to pick your own apples. There are so many apple varieties to choose from so you are sure to find your favorite, and maybe try an apple you haven’t heard of before. Once you’ve picked all of the best apples, venture out to the pumpkin patch to find the best pumpkins for carving. Eplegaarden also offers pick your own raspberries and grapes (when in season).

Last fall I convinced Sam to go apple picking with me so we headed to Eplegaarden and he had a blast! It was his first time at a farm with trees full of apples and he couldn’t believe you actually got to pick them straight from the branches. He wanted to pick the highest ones. It was so great watching an almost-30-year-old have as much excitement as a five-year-old.

Eplegaarden Farm Wisconsin - Apple - Fall Fun

Let’s just say it didn’t take much persuading this year to get Sam to go and raspberries were still in season. If raspberry bushes didn’t grow so wild I’d most certainly plant some in our backyard – yummy!

I also really enjoy that Eplegaarden’s pumpkin patch is about as close as possible to the parking lot. Those who want to can wander deep into the patch, but if you’re anything like me you don’t always want to carry or wheel your pumpkin a million miles.

Eplegaarden Farm Wisconsin - Raspberry Picking

If you are in a rush but still want some farm goodies, make sure to stop and check out the Farm Store. They sell freshly picked apples, pumpkins, cider donuts, fresh apple cider, hard cider, and more!

As of this posting, Eplegaarden’s pick-your-own season is over, but they do still have plenty of pre-picked apples available at the farm. And of course, lots and lots of pumpkins. Please check their website for more details.

2. Eugster’s Farm Market (Stoughton, WI) – Farm Animal Heaven

Calling all farm animal lovers! If you’re like me and a sucker for a clean, well-kept petting farm, then this is the place for you The petting farm is over 15 acres and has cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, and more. 

Several of the animals you can feed and pet (think goats, sheep, etc.) and the petting farm area also offers several educational activities. Some favorites include milking real goats (or a fake cow if that’s not your thing), a garden to practice watering, and looking for eggs in the chicken hut.

Eugsters Farm Wisconsin - Animal

Eugster’s Farm Market has an annual Fall Festival for the ultimate fall farm experience. During the Fall Festival the petting farm is open of course, but there are several special activities including corn mazes, an apple orchard where you can pick your own apples, a pumpkin patch, and a family-friendly haunted house. Make sure to check out their website for a full list of their current offerings, daily schedules, and special events.

I go to Eugster’s at least twice a year and easily spend at least half a day. It’s a blast for all ages. They have a fun playground with picnic tables all around the area. It’s a great place to make a day-trip and pack a picnic lunch. Check out the market for a special treat or for something to take home. The market offers fresh produce, bakery goods, craft items, and more.

Fun Fact: I also like to go in the early spring during the Lambing and Kidding Days. This is the time when the baby animals are born, and boy are they cute! If you’ve never thought about living on a farm, you definitely might after seeing all the babies. And the best part? You can hold the babies and usually bottle-feed some of them as well. It really is quite a special experience.

Please note that due to COVID-19 all tickets must be bought online.

3. Treinen Farm (Lodi, WI) Famous Corn Maze

Treinen Farm has a way of reaching corn-maze fanatics all over the world. Check out their amazing maze designs and you won’t be surprised they were rated in the top 10 for best corn mazes in the US according to USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice 2021.

The maze design this year is Schrodinger’s Cat and Other Thought Experiments and it looks so cool. I can’t wait to check it out. Head to Treinen Farm’s website to check out the story behind the design.

I mentioned Treinen Farm to Sam a year or so after dating thinking it would be a great weekend date activity and probably something he hadn’t done before (he’s from California). Lo and behold Sam had been there before. He let me in on a little secret that he found corn mazes are a great early date activity and hence had been there before to show off his mapping abilities. Since I have zero sense of direction, Sam did not need to impress me as I’m amazed by the fact that he doesn’t need a GPS to find the local grocery store.

If you have younger ones who might not be ready for a huge maze, the farm’s activity area is sure to be a favorite. They have really neat playgrounds made with tubes, tires, and slides, a farmer area, some giant games (Jenga, Chess), and more.


My favorite areas of the farm just might be the hike up the big hill and the Enchanted Woods. The hike is really just a one-path trail up a hill to a gorgeous overlook. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the quiet, view, and hopefully fall colors (I missed them last year, darnit!).

Treinen Farm Wisconsin - Overlook

The Enchanted Woods is a short little hike (perfect for those tiny legs) through pretty trees and bushes. The best parts are the little hidden fairy doors that can be found in the trees. Kids will enjoy searching for these doors and seeing if they can find them all.

Treinen Farm Wisconsin - Fairy Door 2

And of course, as with most farms in the Midwest, Treinen also offers a small petting farm and not-so-small pumpkin patches. According to Treinen Farm’s website, they plant eighteen acres of pumpkins with over 20 varieties of seeds – wow!

For 2021, guaranteed entry is only available with online ticket purchase. Tickets may not be available at the gate and will be priced higher. Please check Treinen Farm’s website for complete information. 

4. Fall Fun at Schuster’s Farm (Deerfield, WI)

Do I have any haunted house fans? If so you have to check out Schuster’s Haunted Forest. I experienced the haunted forest once (it was all I could handle) and it was incredible. I went with a group of friends back in high school and we literally screamed the entire time. Yes, we were that group, but also it really was that terrifying.

The details put into the experience are amazing and even the ride out to the forest gets your adrenaline going. According to Schuster’s website, the recommended age for the Haunted Forest is Age 13 and up and it is not handicap accessible (lots of ups and downs, tight spaces, in the forest). If you have it in you, I highly recommend you check out this evening activity. Who knows, it could even be a fun date night!

But not to worry! If the word haunted terrifies you or if you are looking for family-friendly activities, Schuster’s Farm offers more than you can imagine. Even the tiniest of tots will have their fall fun at this farm. The Barnyard has so many fun activities like:

  • A Giant Slide
  • Noah’s Ark playground
  • A Giant Rocking Horse
  • Rubber Duck Races
  • An Obstacle Course
  • Kid Zipline
  • Pumpkin & Apple Cannons
  • & More
Schuster's Farm Wisconsin - Hamster Wheel
Schuster's Farm Wisconsin - Feeding Animals

You can also take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch, check out the farm animals, or get lost in the corn maze. I enjoy going to Schuster’s each fall with my sister and niece for all of the fun fall activities. We typically start by stopping at the farm store for some hot chocolate and apple cider donuts, and then head to the Barnyard for some fun playtime before checking out all of the furry animals. At the end of our day we head to the pumpkin patch to pick out the best pumpkins (because who wants to lug those around all day??).

Have a Wonderful Fall!

As you head out to the farms this year for some much need fall fun, I hope you enjoy all that they have to offer and make wonderful memories. Also, I love visiting farms when I travel so I’d love to know you’re favorite farm!

Happy Fall Fun!



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