12 Things I’m Grateful For This Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! We are entering my favorite holiday season of the year – yay for all of the holiday decor, songs, and lights! I wanted to take a moment to talk about the holidays and share what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving. I hope whether you are celebrating with family, working or enjoying the day alone, you are able to take some time for yourself and relax.

While I get so excited about the holidays and go all-out, it’s also important to remember that many people struggle with holidays and the holiday season. People might be estranged from their family, grieving the loss of a family member, or sometimes preparing for the holidays requires too much energy. Holiday blues are a real thing and it’s important to keep in mind that as excited as you or I might be to celebrate, the next person may be dreading or very sad as we enter this season.

One thing I’ve found to center me during this time is reminding myself of all that I’m grateful for. Although I work on verbalizing and writing down what I am grateful for each day, I wanted to share a small listing for this Thanksgiving.

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  1. Sam – I am grateful each and every day for a partner who is willing to put up with my crazy ideas, ridiculously picky eating habits, and spur of the moment travel changes.
  1. Willow – Sometimes Sam wonders whether I love him or the dog more, and of course Sam is #1, but Willow is the best sidekick I could ask for. She’s playful and wild, but cuddly when you need a pick-me-up. She knows just how to get our attention, especially when she sits super tall in front of her treat cabinet.
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  1. Family – I’m so thankful for the health of our family and the continued lifted spirits during the tougher COVID months. Visiting family often is important to Sam and I and it’s been difficult with COVID to have less in-person visits, but thankfully Facetime and Zoom have been perfect. I think I was just as shocked as my aunt was when her face appeared on her phone during our first Facetime call!
  1. Health – It can be tough and stressful managing migraines and stomach issues on a near-daily basis, but there are some amazing doctors, nurses, and health staff out there that show up every day to help make sure I can work and exercise (and thank you, Imitrex and public restrooms!).
  1. Job – Some people call me crazy because I love to work, and work a lot, but I joke it keeps me sane. It also makes a world of difference that I have a job I truly enjoy, awesome coworkers, and a dedicated company.
  1. Travel – Sam and I bonded over travel so of course I’m grateful for travel! Seriously though, travel has been such a blessing in my life. I love experiencing new places, challenging myself with new hikes, and meeting wonderful people along the way.
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  1. My Home – Home is where it’s at! I’ve lived in just about everything growing up from a 2-story flat, to a small apartment in a basement, to a little house, and each place was very different with some nicer than others, but all were home. I was there with my mom and eventually our dogs. This year, Sam and I were able to move into a house we designed and have a wonderful home together. Curling up in front of the fireplace at night dreaming of new places to travel is so wonderful.
  1. Exercise – There’s something about moving my body whether running, walking, getting on the bike, or simply stretching that just feels so good. And being able to move my body freely is something I do not take for granted.
  1. Workers – As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are A LOT of places hiring right now and quite of few places with slower than usual service. It’s not easy to show up to work everyday and be overworked, yelled at, held over, you name it. For those of you showing up and working so hard, THANK YOU!
  1. My Friends – I wouldn’t be the same me without my wonderful friends. I’m forever thankful for my best friends whether we’ve been besties from the beginning, met in school, or as work buddies.
  1. Sunshine – I LOVE the sun and spend every possible second outside in the summer. Once we started working from home during COVID, I took my desk outside in the summers. The sun shining down on me just makes me so dang happy (and yes, I wear lots of sunscreen).
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  1. The Ocean – I saw the ocean for the first time when I was in middle school and I was hooked. It relaxed me and put me at ease in a way nature never had before. I’m so grateful for all that the ocean provides and for being able to visit frequently.

Of course, there is so much more I have to be grateful for each day. I encourage you to take some time this holiday season to reflect on what you’re grateful for and feel free to share with me in the comments or via email. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!



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